To help brands to build their brand identity via offering unmatchable content marketing services


Catering a wide array of content marketing requirements to enhance the digital presence of our clients while empowering well-educated stay-at-home ladies with the objective of increasing the workforce of the country

Our Values

  • Excellent Teamwork With Great Leadership

We are committed to establishing and maintaining collaborative, supportive teams within Cloud Content Marketing Private Limited among our colleagues as well as with our clients.
  • Ensuring Clients’ Satisfaction  At First

We value relationships with our clients and pretty much focus on clients’ satisfaction at a higher level.
  • Women Empowerment

When considering the team at Cloud Content Marketing Private Limited, it consists of 75% of ladies. In Sri Lanka, there is a huge amount of ladies who have obtained their higher education but stay-at-home due to numerous reasons without continuing in the workforce of the country.Here, we offer flexible working hours for ladies so that they can work while taking care of their families.

Our Specialties

Eco-Friendly Practices – Zero Paper Usage

As a company committed to sustainability, we take pride in our eco-friendly approach, contributing to a greener future by eliminating paper usage entirely in our operations.

Empowering Women Voices

We have created a flexible work environment for ladies who are stay-at home mothers especially. Moreover, 75% of our team comprises of ladies.

Our Team

Dilani Samanthika Founder, CEO and Managing Directress
Dilani Samanthika, Founder and CEO of Cloud Content Marketing Private Limited, is a dynamic force in the entrepreneurial landscape. Armed with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Moratuwa, she excels as a Content Writing Specialist, uniquely blending her expertise with a background in Intellectual Property. Recognized on the global stage, Dilani is a nominee in the World IP Day Gallery 2023, organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Beyond accolades, she ardently supports entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka, with a particular focus on empowering women. As the Pillar Lead of the WTech Forum at SLASSCOM Sri Lanka, Dilani continues to drive innovation and inclusivity in the tech and business sectors.
Prasad Abhayarathne Co-founder, CTO, CFO and Managing Director
Prasad Abhayarathne, the Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Content Marketing Private Limited, is a versatile leader with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Moratuwa. Moreover, he possesses an Advance Certificate in Wildlife Conservation and Management from the Open University of Sri Lanka. Prasad excels in brand identity building, search engine optimization, and website development, showcasing his expertise in navigating the digital landscape. A dedicated supporter of Sri Lanka's startup ecosystem, Prasad contributes significantly to the company's success, embodying a commitment to entrepreneurship and technological innovation.
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