Our CEO Dilani Samanthika Possessed The Lead At WTech Fest 2022 | Empowering Women in Tech

In a groundbreaking initiative to recognize and celebrate the vital role women play in the emerging IT industry, the Women Technopreneurs Forum organized the WTech Fest 2022. This regional panel discussion, conducted in multiple languages, brought together four extraordinary women leaders in the tech world to share their entrepreneurial journeys and insights.

Among the distinguished panelists was Dilani Samanthika, the CEO of Cloud Content Marketing Private Limited, who represented her company with pride and passion. The event aimed to shed light on the challenges and triumphs of women in the tech industry and inspire the next generation of women technopreneurs.

The panel also featured the remarkable Thanuja Maskorala, Co-founder of MintHRM, and Jina Rajapathirana, Founder/CEO of Cyber Concepts Private Limited, both of whom shared their experiences and expertise. The event was skillfully hosted by Amira Ghaffoor, CEO of Northwood Consulting Private Limited.

Dilani Samanthika’s Inspiring Journey At A Glance!

As one of the leading women in the tech industry, Dilani Samanthika shared her invaluable insights into the challenges and successes she has encountered in her journey as the CEO of Cloud Content Marketing Private Limited. Her participation not only highlighted her personal achievements but also showcased the significant strides being made by women in the tech world.

Organized by SLASSCOM WTech Forum

The event was organized by the SLASSCOM WTech Forum, a testament to their commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry. By providing a platform for women leaders to share their experiences, the forum contributes to breaking barriers and creating a more equitable industry.

Check out the event details here.

Networking Quiz and Exciting Prizes:

One of the unique aspects of the WTech Fest 2022 was the interactive networking quiz, allowing the audience to actively engage with the event. Participants had the opportunity to win exciting prizes, adding an element of fun and competition to the insightful discussions.

Looking Ahead…

The success of the WTech Fest 2022 reflects the growing recognition of the indispensable role women play in the IT industry. As a participant and representative of Cloud Content Marketing Private Limited, Dilani Samanthika continues to be a trailblazer, inspiring others to pursue their passions in the tech world.

For more information about Cloud Content Marketing and its CEO, Dilani Samanthika, visit our official website. Stay tuned for more updates on our commitment to diversity, innovation, and excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of content marketing and technology.

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